Changelog between rel-1_5_3 and rel-1_5_4
rel-1_5_4 was released on October 31st, 2008. Following is a list of the main components of this release:
  • » bug fixes and cosmetic.
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Friday - 2008-10-31Hide Log Top
Modified by haroon: 2008-10-31 (15:30)
new rrdtool logo from Tobi
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  • rrd.cgi - Rev: 1.255, Status: Exp (rel-1_5_4)
Sunday - 2008-08-24Hide Log Top
Modified by haroon: 2008-08-24 (10:55)
Multiline lines should only be combined if at least one line has been read
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  • rrd.cgi - Rev: 1.254, Status: Exp
Sunday - 2008-07-20Hide Log Top
Modified by haroon: 2008-07-20 (09:34)
Fixed bug with hugely wrong image size returned by RRDs::graph sometimes on
FreeBSD during preview mode (Thanks to Peter Sameulsson for finding bug and
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  • rrd.cgi - Rev: 1.253, Status: Exp