Changelog between rel-1.4.6 and rel-1.4.7
rel-1_4_7 was released on August 17th, 2007. Following is a list of the major components of this release:
  • » Bug fixes related to traversal in subdirectories.
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Friday - 2007-08-17Hide Log Top
Modified by haroon: 2007-08-17 (09:54)
fixed bug in archiving whereby using a target name which had the
directory name embedded in it would strip off all occurrences of
the directory when trying to create a relative name later on
(thanks to Hong-Gunn Chew)
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  • rrd.cgi - Rev: 1.185, Status: Exp (rel-1_4_7)
Sunday - 2007-07-29Hide Log Top
Modified by haroon: 2007-07-29 (16:22)
fixed obscure bug with subdirectories not showing up when they should
(discovered a case where a directory had graphs and further deeper level
subdirectories underneath it)
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  • rrd.cgi - Rev: 1.184, Status: Exp
Modified by haroon: 2007-07-29 (11:08)
if not found, look for resource directory recursively by descending into
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  • rrd.cgi - Rev: 1.183, Status: Exp
Saturday - 2007-07-28Hide Log Top
Modified by haroon: 2007-07-28 (11:18)
cosmetic - replaced uArr with uarr (which displays an actual character
instead of a block in IE)
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  • rrd.cgi - Rev: 1.182, Status: Exp