Changelog between rel-1_1_5 and rel-1_1_6
rel-1_1_6 was released on October 19th, 2004. Following is a list of the major components of this release:
  • » Fixed strftime issues on other platforms besides Linux
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Tuesday - 2004-10-19Hide Log Top
Modified by haroon: 2004-10-19 (11:45)
took out $version
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  • rrd.cgi - Rev: 1.48, Status: Exp (rel-1_1_6, rel-1_0)
Modified by haroon: 2004-10-19 (11:45)
changed conversion specifiers for strftime to ANSI C
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Modified by haroon: 2004-10-19 (11:37)
Added compatibility test for strftime("%-H"), which does not work on
some platforms (e.g. Solaris). The "%H" format string is used instead in
that case.
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