Changelog between rel-1_0_1 and rel-1_0_2
rel-1_0_2 was released on July 14th, 2003. Following is a list of the major components of this release:
  • » Code cleanup.
  • » Fixed interval handling.
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Monday - 2003-07-14Hide Log Top
Modified by haroon: 2003-07-14 (09:07)
fixed tiny bug in Scroll to line by adding parenthesis around condition
part of ternary statement
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  • rrd.cgi - Rev: 1.16, Status: Exp (rel-1_0_2, rel-0_3)
Thursday - 2003-07-10Hide Log Top
Modified by haroon: 2003-07-10 (12:12)
added autorefresh suppress capability, in addition added call to
common_args in loop to avoid uninitialized use warnings
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Modified by haroon: 2003-07-10 (11:34)
fixed bug with interval type which is not related to suppressing
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Modified by haroon: 2003-07-10 (11:28)
changed print_dir code to present the graphs in the native resolution of
the directory, instead of defaulting to day. In the case of broker, it
will now default to hourly graph
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